Teaching to be focused and not gossiping being positive and not negative

Teaching to be focused. I think the key to being focused is seting goals and get out there and getting out there and doing it. If you’re focused on gossiping, staying at home, stand on your porch, drinking, smoking, partying there is a goal do that same thing tomorrow. On the other hand if you set a goal to get out there and make money. Tomorrow you will start working towards that goal. The other thing you can do is blame your president, if you focus on your president and not yourself you will never be focused on your own goals. I love hearing people complaining about their president and then I look at their life and say what type of person is this, a focused person or a person that is based on Gossip. In my opinion I think gossip is the exact opposite of focus. With that being said there is Gossip and there is Focus there is positive and negative. Which one do you want to focus on. Do you want to focus on someone else’s life or your own. Do you want to be positive for yourself or negative for yourself. I can guarantee that if you focus on something that makes money and is positive nothing can stop you. I’m not saying it’s not going to take time but eventually you will build a strong Foundation and with a strong Foundation comes a strong structure. I would suggest to watch Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers and learn how to be self-motivating and be focused on what you want.
Check out this link, there’s many motivating videos to start just click.
Time to hustle let’s see the energy. This is how to be successful and become a millionaire if you can imagine that.

Teaching result.

Result we ask, what is result? Well result is the finished product of the plan put in place. I believe that each one of us can put this word (result) in our life. This is My definition  of The word result: The actions it took to get the result of our present life .  That means today.

Where are you at in your present life financially, spiritually and relationship. What was the plan you put in place to land you in the present. That’s today! Are you happy with the plan you designed  to get you  where you’re at Today spiritually? Are you happy with the plan you put in place  for your relationship ? Are you happy with your plan you put in place  for not last but not least  your financial situation ? I have three steps that can help you change the situation. Before you make your next step do these 3 steps

Step 1.Ask yourself is this positive or negative

Step 2. Set a vision of where you want to be. A goal and feed your mind and learn everyday

Step 3. Ask yourself am I doing my best or can I do better.

Step 4. Repeat, maintain, repetition, duplicate.

This is  a perfect recipe for success . I added step 4 just because if you do not continue doing what got you there, it will surely not last.

Please comment and give me your opinion in the feedback and what you think is the best way to succeed.

Teaching it’s not about making it. It’s about maintaining it

I love to hear inspiring messages . This is what I live by everyday. And I’ll continue to make it and maintaining it is something that I learned recently and will continue to maintain it as well. I believe repetition is similar to maintaining. Thank you in comment back.

It’s 4:30 a.m. in the morning I can’t sleep I have millionaire thoughts in my head can a doctor help me with this

millionaire thoughts in my head can a doctor help me with this . Can you imagine if I went to the doctor with this problem. The doctor could probably help me . The doctor would probably diagnose me with ADHD or some other thing who knows what. But in reality I’m just motivated I’m ready to get ahead in life. Watch my blog and I’m going to teach you how to deal with things like this . So open your mind to learning. And please feel free to share this with anyone that goes and sees the doctor for very small things like this. And have them post on my site. I can help them if they want to get up early pretty soon I will be hiring. But on the other hand if they’re always sleepy always tired always walking around with their head down I’m not hiring and quite frankly I don’t think anybody will hire them . Put Your Head Up and get down to business . Quotation time to hustle let’s see the energy quotation. And if I’m not hiring I’m sure there’s a million other places out there that are. Use that energy to do something positive and lucrative. Please post your comment.

Please read this comment on goals and learning and leave comments on how you can succeed

Big goals and why we should always learn from more than one and try till we succeedDennis Repetition.

This is how I complete my goals. I completed my goal that was too start a blog January 2nd. Now it’s time to celebrate that my blog is completed. Celebrating is by putting something on my blog every other day. Thank you! That’s my appreciation. I think there’s no time for reward in early stages of things we do. If we grind hard in the early stages we will reap the benefits at a later date. So as I said before I’ll be celebrating every other day by sending you guys a Blog. Send me a like or dislike or something you want to hear or something you don’t want to hear and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll tell you this I’m not doing this for nothing I will be making money from this. So get on the bandwagon show your support and learn from things I can teach you and things you have in yourself that you don’t even know you have in yourself. I believe that if you watch my blog and practice what I’m going to teach you will outdo anyone that tries to compare to you. Not saying that this is a competition. But I teach to become successful and whatever your definition of success is you can have just don’t limit yourself too small goals. And if you do happen to make a goal that is too small. Once you reach it with the techniques I’m going to teach all I ask is you reset your goals to get more. Because you can believe I’m setting my goals as high as I can. So my goals how to teach people what they don’t get taught in school. I can go on with a list of things that I can teach that you cannot learn in school. For example imagine no one told you to stop dreaming that dream that you had when you were a kid. My dream was to become a race car driver and owner and I always knew that would take large amounts of money. With that being said I always had thoughts in my head of how I can make large amounts of money. Now let’s get back to you comment to this post and let me know what your dreams were when you were a kid before you stop dreaming and imagining I’m sure you wanted a big house with a white picket fence I bet the yard was at least 5 Acres large or bigger and what do you think it takes to get all of that. Go figure it takes large amounts of money. Although money is not the most important thing in my life it does help make life easier to help others if I did not have time and money there’s no way I could help you or you would even want help from someone with nothing. I don’t have everything I want yet but you can believe I will have what I want and more. One thing that I want to say is this is one motivating thing that I say every morning to myself quotation time to hustle show me the energy quotation. Without energy and without Hustle you basically have nothing. Can you imagine me coming to you right now and saying quotation how can we do this quotation . How can we do this, is a phrase of a person that does not have energy nor does he have Hustle. I just can’t understand how the school system expects one person in one subject to give you all the information that comes from many mines. I think that school teaches you to close your mind. And learn from that one person and take it like it’s law written in stone. My method is different I think you take information from many sources because many minds think differently and sometimes it takes four and five times from different Minds to hear the same thing to finally sink in to our thick skulls. For instance if someone tells you about something that can make you a lot of money. You know it can make you a lot of money but it didn’t inspire you. Someone else comes by and tells you the same thing in a different form. And it starts to click in a little bit but you’re still afraid. The third person comes by and tells you something the same thing. Now you think you can do it. Now it’s just a matter of having time to start or money or someone to push you. When that fourth person finally comes by and tells you the exact same thing. It finally tells you to get off your butt don’t worry about the money don’t worry about the mistakes you’re going to make and just do it. I feel that if you can learn one thing that makes money. Repeat that process over and over and over. Then learn how to do it better or bigger and do it over and over and over. Repetition repeating over and over is the key. Now let’s talk about the naysayers. Say you do everything I just told you and you fail. I say you did not fail you learned because you learned from more than one person. You have this information in your head it was a learning experience and you would do better next time. Because you can lose everything and when I say everything I mean everything all materialistic things can be replaced. But the knowledge you learn no one can take that. Not even the closest people to you or the farthest people away from you. You’re going to hear people saying you can’t do something. But let me ask you this, why can other people do it and you can’t. Open your mind teach yourself no one can do it better.

Teaching how to get high quality energy from yourself

I think the trick to high quality energy is to wake up and say “Time to Hustle let’s see the Energy.” This simple phrase is the most important thing of my morning. Just think about it if I woke up and said what am I going to get done today. What are you going to get done. But on the other hand if you wake up with high quality energy, saying “Time to Hustle let’s see the Energy.” Did you shake your shoulders move your feet and feel the energy. Of course you did. So what I want you to do for me today. Use this key phrase in place of the Word “WHAT.”
So anytime during your day that you feel like saying the word WHAT. I want you to say “Time to Hustle let’s see the Energy.” People may look at you like you are crazy. That’s fine because you are crazy about having positive energy and a productive day. Try this method and you will surely have a high-quality day and days that this method is implemented will be more productive. With this being said when we have productive days from simple things the only thing you have to do is repeat the process “repetition baby.” Let me know how this works for you. Please comment when it changes your energy level and encourages you to do things you never thought you could do. I know you will be thanking me for this simple process. Comment your thoughts after a day of use.

Teaching people about framing nails

Teaching people about framing nails.  These are three different types of framing nails.  One is for a 22 degree  framing gun.  The other 2 are meant to be nailed with a hammer. One is a very old nail.  And one is a new nail.  Just look at these different nails  and imagine  nailing  with the older nail. This nail came from a project that we’re doing  and I just thought I would  show everybody  the difference between the old nails  and the new nails. Imagine how much more work it would be to work  with the old nails . That’s a little taste of Technology  the new nails  are just so much easier  with a nail gun. You can nail 10 times faster  which makes you 10 times more productive. Imagine working around 10 other people doing a project  if you’re a home remodeler you know what I mean  10 different heads 10 different ideas. I can imagine they really had to have a very good lead man. I think in them days there would have been a lot of  different ways to get the same job done.  You can only imagine  when you’re working by yourself with a nail gun and someone is trying to  help you or do something a little different than you might think is right. But with that being said as long as it passes inspection  everything is right  when the inspector agrees. With that being said let’s continue  advancing  and let’s see what type of Technology  the world brings to Construction.  If anyone has any  feedback or stories about the situation please feel free to  comment in the comment section.

Teaching the value of money and self worth

My child wants to go to the movies with her friend. She’s a great kid  but I’m trying to teach her how to  deal with , problem solving ,and  the difference between negativity and positivity. She has been in trouble with her friend several times in the past. Should I pay for her to go to the movies? Should I have her use her own money even though I stress on saving for a investment? I like teaching and I feel like I’m teaching her a lesson. I still took her to the movies and did not give her money. I called her back several minutes later and she said she was still in the lobby and That she was going to get something to eat. Give me some feedback let me know what you think?